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Welcome to GWIS Registration. Before proceeding, please check that:

  1. you need to register your specific activity(ies) by consulting Who should register
  2. you are not already registered by consulting Search registrations

Once you have established that you need to register and are not already registered then please go to How to register for registration assistance.

To continue with the registration, click on Register.

At least one registration type or environmental activity taking place on the site, must be registered. The activity for which you are registering, will be registered against the specific site or portion of land. The purpose of this is to allow you to register more than one activity taking place on the site. The activities will be identified by a GWIS registration number and the type of activity is reflected in the number. Examples of registration numbers are:

Generator Transfer station Transporter Landfill site Treatment facility Reprocessor
GPG-00-098 GPS-00-013 GPT-00-056 GPL-00-017 GPF-00-045 GPR-00-85

Having registered your first activity, you will be allowed to continue with the registration of any additional identified activities on the same site which require registration.

The responsible manager must ensure that all relevant activities have been captured for the site before submitting the registration data for approval. A 'GWIS user' will be created for every GWIS registration number will be responsible for providing the waste data to the GWIS.