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Welcome to the Gauteng Waste Information System

The Gauteng Waste Information System (GWIS) is intended to provide the public, business, industry and government with access to information on the management of waste within the Gauteng Province, by capturing routine data on the tonnes of waste transported, treated, landfilled and recycled in the Province on a monthly and annual basis.

Regulated under Provincial Regulations (Gauteng Waste Information Regulations, 2004. Gazette No: 372, Notice No: 3035b), the GWIS was developed and implemented within the Province in 2004.

  • Required data providers may register using the 'Registration' menu option on the top menu.
  • Registered data providers may access GWIS through the 'Login' on the top menu.
  • Publicly available reports generated from GWIS are available from 'Public reports' on the top menu.
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